Happy Hound Rescue: Saving One Dog Won't Change the world, but the world will change for that one Dog!

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Founder Lynne with Ranger, white shepherd/yellow lab
rescued from Licking County Dog Pound on July 20, 2007
  five minutes before he was scheduled to be gassed to death. Ranger died on March 2, 2018 due to complications from an ACL (CCL) repair and degenerative myelopathy. He is greatly missed.  




Happy Hound Rescue is a Minnesota based Dog Sanctuary providing senior animals happy foster care and end of life dignified and loving hospice care because every dog deserves a great life! Since 2007 Happy Hound Rescue has been a no-kill rescue organization saving and re-homing thousands of dogs (and a few cats too!). In 2018, we have evolved into a new type of rescue, providing a sanctuary for end of life care and foster care for senior dogs who have lost their human or are no longer adoptable due to age or health. These dogs need a lot of love and time and nurturing. Senior dogs are too often left behind – they are considered “un-adoptable” due to age and health-related conditions... but we’re changing that!

We help adoptable senior dogs and find new homes, often with senior people. We believe that there is a senior dog for every home and a home for every senior dog, and it is our job to match them up. We believe we are saving two lives. We have two permanent homes for those senior dogs that we are not able to adopt out. It is a quiet and loving sanctuary and hospice where they will live out their lives in comfort and with the love and care they deserve. Our sanctuary is designed to breathe new quality and love into the remaining life of senior dogs who would otherwise be euthanized.

We provide hospice care for all our adopted dogs if their families can’t keep them, as we our promised they will always be Happy Hounds. And if you have a Happy Hound adopted dog, either senior dog or any dog you cannot keep for any reason, please contact Happy Hounds Rescue immediately at happyhoundrescue@comcast.net.

We are a 501(c)3, Minnesota Non-Profit Organization. Consider donating today to help with some significant expenses needed to care for these special needs fosters including the special food required for fragile dogs, high veterinary costs, medicines (more than half our sanctuary dogs are on medicine) and potty pads. We currently care for and house senior dogs who have lost all other options. We operate 100% on donations. All donations are tax deductible. Our website is


Please email us at happyhoundrescue@comcast.net if you would like to volunteer or donate.


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Saving One Dog Won’t Change the World,

But the World Will Change for That One Dog!!!

Pet over population is not the end of the world

unless you're a dog or a cat.

Be part of the solution...

spay and neuter your animals!



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Happy Hound Rescue does not discriminate against people applying to adopt dogs based on race, color, creed, religion, national origin, sex, marital status, disability, sexual orientation. Each dog is listed with specific criteria for his or her adoption and anyone applying to adopt a dog must meet the adoption criteria for that dog.






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